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While the real Butterflies and Wheels is out of service.

Winter afternoon

It’s raining. I have an almost-normal voice again. It rained yesterday, it will rain tomorrow.


Well at least I’m feeling almost human again. I’ve had this killer cold for a week and a half…and finally some of the broken bits have started to mend. Saturday night I got two hours of sleep – the coughing wouldn’t let me do better than that. Last night I got three – and got up, and had some raspberry herb tea and listened to the World Service, then had some lemon herb tea, then after an hour went back to bed – and slept four hours! Hurrah! And I have some of my voice back. It’s been gone for a whole week.

That’s enough of that playpen

Funny how completely three or four determinedly contemptuous sexist men can pollute an atmosphere. Or maybe it’s not funny, or surprising, at all, especially if they’re doing most of the talking. The Dawkins site is like that. I’ve spent way too much time today trying to explain, in words of one syllable, why calling women bitches and cunts is not altogether polite and reasonable, to no fucking avail. So they get to keep their sandbox.

The future

Right so I don’t need this for a temporary substitute B&W any more, so I’ll just use it as a playpen/notebook.

News – Nick Cohen on UK libel law

The libel laws force us to bite our tongues and avoid essential arguments.

News – Iran: a crowd disarms the police

In many places, the protesters are losing their fear of the repressive forces, and are no longer easily intimidated by them.

News – life as a woman

Being a woman

All day Rosalinda Duany sells vegetables from her stall at the local market, earning a living to feed her family while her husband spends his days idling with his friends. But when his days become too boring and he demands his conjugal rights, Duany wordlessly stops work just to oblige him.